4 tips for finding consultant jobs that suit you

Want to find consultant jobs that are a match for your profile, instead of taking a chance that your next customer is right for you? With only a few tips, you can increase the chances of finding consultant jobs that allow you to reach the personal development you desire.

When working as a consultant, it is not only crucial to have what it takes for a particular assignment. It is just as essential that the customer is a good match, and that you find consultant jobs where your strengths and motivations get fully utilized. By finding assignments that are right for you, you will have a more enjoyable, more meaningful professional life.

1. Register your profile at the right site

You log onto five different consultant portals and review the available assignments. On two portals you find interesting consultant jobs, but before you can apply, you have to update your profile with information on both sites. When you have done this, you get sent to further sites where you have to fill in everything once again. Recognize this situation? It is not uncommon when you try to find a consultant job today. 

By registering at an independent platform with a wide range of assignments, you only need to log in once. Verama is more a marketplace than a consultant portal, and here, you get access to many customers – and, thereby, a better range of available assignments from both large and small players. New assignments and customers are also continuously added.

2. Create a complete profile

When you register at a platform that allows you to find consultant jobs that match your profile, it’s important to share a thorough description of yourself. Your profile is your digital sales meeting that works for you around the clock, even when you’re not active on the platform yourself.

Having a complete profile will increase your chances of finding consultant jobs that fit your personality. To be able to find something suitable for you, find out what your primary soft skills. You can do this by taking a test for free in Verama.

3. Be as active as possible 

A smart platform is there to provide you with information as personal and relevant as possible. You will receive more relevant assignments if you are active on the platform. By using the platform, it gets to know you and your interests.

4. Review your presentation

As you fill in your information on the platform, you build up a professional presentation of yourself. That will help you to find consultant jobs suitable to your experience and personality traits. The information you provide will add background to match you with consultant jobs in the future. So, only bring the parts you can stand for and deliver in reality.


  • Verama team

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