How to find consulting assignments faster through Verama

Are you looking for new consulting assignments – preferably today? Building a stable career as a consultant takes time, but even junior consultants can quickly find suitable assignments. The best way to get started is to join a smart consultant platform.

Connect to platforms with many consulting assignments

It can be hard and take some time before you get your first assignments as a consultant. Calling companies takes time. Being active on every platform out there takes even more time. If you quickly want to get started, the best approach is to find channels with a wide range of consulting assignments. If you’re at the beginning of your career, if you’ve changed directions or had a long break, it is even more crucial.

Here's how to quickly find new assignments in Verama

Lots of players are gathered here

There are many consultant portals where you can register to access assignments. But there is no large platform where lots of different customers interact directly with suppliers and freelancers. Verama’s vision is to be that platform and marketplace. 

Verama is an initiative from Ework, whose Supplier Portal is now part of Verama. Because of Ework's experience as a consultancy broker, there are already many attractive customers in place in Verama. Since many players are present there, you won't have to spend time updating your profile on different sites. 

Getting started is easy

Just register, set up a profile, and get started. Based on your resume, the system interprets the information and suggests tags you should use, for instance.

Verama registers what you click on, assignments you save as favorites, filters you use, and similar actions. The more active you are – the easier it gets for Verama to know what you like and what consulting assignments are interesting to you.

Assignments are posted immediately

A problem with many websites with a lot of assignments is that they often get picked up from various sources, and sometimes published with delay. That means you may miss out on opportunities since some consulting assignments sometimes only are accessible during a single day (when there's an urgent need from a customer, it can be as short as a few hours).

Also, you may not always be able to apply for the assignment on the same site but get redirected to another place where you must register. In Verama, you see the consulting assignments as soon as they get published in the system, and you can apply directly through your profile with a few clicks. It makes it easy to never miss a new consulting job.


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