How to find freelance assignments that match your profile in Verama

Many consultant platforms highlight the matching method and how it guarantees that clients get the most suitable consultant for a freelance assignment. As a consultant, it’s just as important to find a freelance assignment that’s a good match for you. If you’re new as a freelancer, a consultant platform that helps you find new freelance assignments is the way to go.

If you just started working as a consultant, and never worked as a freelancer before, it can feel overwhelming. Where can I find freelance assignments? Do I have to be registered on all relevant platforms – or should I pick one? Verama is a new consultant platform and marketplace where several clients publish their assignments. By registering, you automatically get a head start on your path towards new assignments! 

How to use Verama to find freelance assignments

Even if you haven’t yet built a solid resume as a consultant, you can easily find freelance assignments in Verama. The platform is designed similarly to job sites like LinkedIn or employment agencies. Get started with these simple steps.

1. Register

Fill in all the necessary information. It’s a quick process, and signing up is free of charge. 

2. Perform the available tests 

To discover what your primary soft skills are is especially valuable if you're new to consulting. Included in Verama are two tests that will help you learn more about yourself and find out what makes you stand out.

If you’re able to showcase your strongest traits it can, at times, offset the lack of long experience. These tests will make it easier to find suitable freelance assignments for you. Read more about soft skills and how you find out what your main qualities are. 

3. Properly read up on job descriptions

You’re better matched against freelance assignments you’re qualified for and where your personality traits suit the assignment. 

4. Be active and show interest 

Show Verama what freelance assignments interest you. Verama will register what assignments you look at, and find other similar jobs. The system can – if you’re active – help you and suggest relevant assignments. Thus, showing interest increases your chances of finding a freelance assignment.

5. Apply to all interesting freelance assignments

The only thing you need to do when you find a suitable freelance assignment is to click apply, but make sure you've filled in your information first. Some freelance assignments also require follow-up questions specific to the assignment.

How does Verama stand out?

The future of the consultant portal, and a growing trend, is the independent, smart platform, that is more of an open marketplace. The goal of Verama is to become that marketplace. By registering in Verama, you reach a vaster range of freelance assignments on the same platform. You’ll save a lot of time since you don’t have to be active on several consultant portals.


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