Never miss a new consulting job in Verama

Do you find it hard to keep track of when a new consulting job appears? Here are some quick tips on how to get full control of the available positions out there with the help of Verama.

Verama is an independent consultant platform that makes it easy for you as a consultant to keep track of available consulting jobs. Verama is the consultant platform and marketplace where you can keep track of and get exclusive access to assignments published by many major clients. Verama is not only an efficient tool to find assignments but also as a complement to social media as LinkedIn. Register at Verama and follow our tips to never miss out on an assignment again.

Have an updated profile

Take five minutes to fill out your profile correctly. Upload your resume, and Verama will help you to map out your skills. Follow the registration process to learn more about yourself, and become more attractive for consultant buyers. The system adjusts to your behavior to create a personalized experience and give tips on consulting jobs. Here are some parts you should include in your profile:

  • Name and contact information
  • Experience and qualifications
  • City and region
  • Availability

To further highlight your strengths, also perform personality tests for free in Verama. You get more relevant assignments suggested if you find out your primary soft skills, which you’re able to do with a test in Verama.

Fill in your preferences 

By assigning filters to assignments you’re interested in, and subscribing to new positions, you ensure you get to know about new consulting jobs as soon as they get published on the platform. This way, you’ll also increase your chances of finding and landing consultant jobs that sometimes get appointed in just a day.

Let Verama know what you’re interested in

Since one of the main perks with Verama is the fact that tons of jobs are published here, you should remember to visit the platform every now and then to stay up to date. By selecting and reading about interesting assignments, you help Verama to screen among the many vacant consulting jobs available on the platform. Verama can then suggest assignments that match your profile, so it’s easier to find suitable positions.

Build a strong profile and get found

Since Verama is a B2B tool that matches consultants with customers, specialized search functions are tailor-made for this particular purpose. If you’ve built a strong profile with information about your skills and personality traits, there’s a good chance you can get matched with attractive customers, even before an assignment has been searchable.


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