Why should I register at Verama?

Imagine only having to register a profile on a single consultant platform. Thousands of attractive customers can view your profile. You get a notification on your phone as soon as a new assignment is published. You also get matched with assignments and customers suitable to you, and both your hard and soft skills are equally valuable. Verama is a consultant platform and marketplace for the new generation of consultants, and this is the vision ahead.

Find assignments from both public organizations and startups

Verama is a further development of consultant broker Ework’s consultant platform Supplier Portal. Since Verama is an independent platform, companies and consultant brokers looking for consultants will be able to publish their assignments here.

Qualified assignments, from public organizations, startups, enterprises, and listed companies in various industries, will be published in Verama daily. As a new consultant, you have the opportunity to find a job at a large, distinguished company, and if you’ve been working for a few years, new possibilities get offered, and the process can be swift if you need an assignment fast. 

Apply with a complete profile

After registering a profile in Verama, you don’t have to fill in any other forms or application documents to begin applying for assignments. If you find an intriguing assignment, all it takes are a few clicks to give the customer access to your profile and resume.

See which qualifications are in demand

Even if you’re currently not applying for assignments, Verama is a practical tool for staying ajour with what’s happening in the consultancy industry. You can easily see what qualifications are in demand and keep track of changes in the industry.

Identify your strengths and find relevant consultant assignments

Verama is based on a matching process where knowledge, experience, and soft skills get considered. After signing up, you can free of charge find out what your primary soft skills are by performing a test. The purpose of the personality test is to identify your strengths. Many times, your top strengths can increase your chances of landing a consulting assignment. Also, the test means you can find the latest assignments that suit you.

Let customers find you 

You can choose how active you want to be in Verama. Even if you’re not actively searching for assignments, your profile becomes a way to sell yourself, and attractive customers can find you. 

Build a long-lasting career

Verama is all about finding the right assignments for you as a consultant. Since the matching process also takes soft skills and personality into account, it creates better conditions for you as a consultant. The goal is to help find assignments that can make you continue to grow in your career as a consultant.


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